Senate Gives Final OK to Tanning Restrictions

(KCPW News)  A bill that would require parents be present and sign a release form each time a child under 18 years old visits a tanning salon was passed in a final vote of the Utah Senate today

However, Senator Howard Stephenson attempted to pass a substitute bill that would make parents sign a release form just once per year, saying it’s inconvenient for a parent to sign a form at each visit.

Democratic Senator Pat Jones, who sponsored the bill, opposed Stephenson’s suggested change.   “This has been suggested that it is an onerous burden on parents to go every time,” said Jones.  “If you think it’s inconvenient for parents to be warned about the dangers of tanning, how inconvenient is it taking your child to chemotherapy treatments?”

Senate Bill 41 makes it a class C misdemeanor for someone to misrepresent his or her age at a tanning salon.  It passed by an 18 to 9 vote and will now be considered by the House of Representatives.