Senate Rejects Veterans Tuition Bill

(KCPW News)  The Utah Senate rejected a bill today that would have provided veterans with tuition money from the state to finish a bachelor’s degree once the money from a Post 9-11 GI Bill grant expires.  Republican Senator Margaret Dayton said the bill creates false hope because the state doesn’t have the money, plus it’s a disincentive to finish their degrees on time.

“I have talked with veterans who are going to school on the GI Bill who feel very disappointed that they have worked hard to get their education in the time allotted, and now they realize they could just take their time,” said Dayton.  “There’s no urgency if the state is going to fill in the blanks.”

There was a push from Minority Leader Ross Romero to pass the bill on its merits with the understanding that it may not receive funding at the end of the session when bills with fiscal notes are prioritized.  First Substitute Senate Bill 44 failed by an 11 to 14 vote.