Lawmaker Amends Resolution on Connecting Ski Resorts

(KCPW News) A legislative resolution to support connecting Salt Lake County and Summit County ski resorts is being amended to satisfy environmental groups and local governments that oppose the SkiLink project between the Canyons and Solitude resorts.

Republican Senator Wayne Neiderhauser says after meeting with Save our Canyons and Salt Lake City, Senate Concurrent Resolution 10 has stronger language for protecting the watershed, the local permitting process and public input.

“So we’ve taken about 90 percent of their recommendations and put them into the resolution,” he says. “And I’m not sure that they’re going to have complete buy-in, but they should feel a lot more comfortable about the resolution.”

Niederhauser notes the resolution doesn’t specifically advocate for SkiLink.
On Wednesday, a congressional committee passed a bill sponsored by Congressman Rob Bishop that would sell 30 acres of U.S. Forest Service land for the project.