Intruder Bill Clears Utah Senate

(KCPW News)  Homeowners would be protected from any liability if they injure an intruder while protecting their home or family under a bill passed by the Utah senate today.  Senator Curt Bramble, House Bill 129’s senate sponsor, says under current law people have to be certain the intruder intends to commit a felony.

“You have to say ‘now hold it, before I can do you harm because you’re threatening myself or my family, I better determine whether you’re going to be committing a felony because if you’re just committing a mere misdemeanor, even a class A misdemeanor, then I could be liable for inflicting harm on your person,’” said Bramble.

The bill unanimously passed both the house and Senate.  Bramble amended the bill so that it will go into effect immediately upon final passage.  Assuming the house approves the amendment, the bill will go to Governor Gary Herbert for his signature.