Politics Up Close: Caucus Meetings and Agriculture Recording Controversy

(KCPW News) In less than two weeks, the Utah Republican and Democratic parties will hold neighborhood caucus meetings across the state. There, delegates will be chosen for this year’s county and state conventions. And those delegates have a lot of power, choosing the parties nominees to go on the ballot in the November election. We talked about the process with Utah Republican Party Executive Director Ivan Dubois and Democratic Party Chair Jim Dabakis.


Then, hoping to thwart undercover investigations by animal rights activists, state lawmakers are poised to approve a bill that would ban the photographing of livestock on private property. We heard arguments on the bill from the Utah Farm Bureau Federation’s Randy Parker and the Carl Arky with the Humane Society of Utah.


Finally, under the Utah Indoor Clean Air Act, you can’t smoke a cigarette in most public locations. But should you be able to use an electronic cigarette? Under a bill close to becoming law in the Utah legislature, you wouldn’t be able to. That has some Utahns saying the legislature is putting politics above science and good policy. We spoke with one such advocate, Aaron Frazier, founder of the Utah Vapers Association.


Listen to a podcast of the entire episode here:


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