Teacher Performance Evaluation Bill Receives House Approval

(KCPW News)  A bill that ties both pay and continued employment of teachers and school administrators to the result of yearly performance evaluations passed the Utah House of Representatives today in a near unanimous vote.  The bill’s house sponsor, Republican Representative Francis Gibson, says it encourages excellence from the top down, which will improve the education system for Utah children.

“So not only are our administrators going to be evaluated every year, but we want to insist that they are doing annual evaluations on their teachers to find out who is meeting the goals and guidelines set by the district, and the parents and the expectations,” said Gibson.

The bill has the support of teachers and education leaders.  Democratic Representative Carol Spackman Moss applauded Republican Senator Aaron Osmond for consulting those who would be affected when drafting the legislation.

“The difference in the way teachers who are on the front lines every day with our kids respond to this kind of respect and this kind of collaboration is very clear,” said Spackman Moss.  “Teachers are willing to have reform; they just want to have a voice at the table.”

Senate Bill 64 passed the House by a vote of 73 to 1.  It now goes back to the Senate for approval of an amendment.  If approved, the bill will go to Governor Gary Herbert for his signature.