Lawmakers Tweak GRAMA Law

(KCPW News)  A bill that makes small changes to Utah’s Government Records Access and Management Act unanimously passed the House of Representatives today.

Senator Curt Bramble, chief sponsor of Senate Bill 177, has said the bill makes private any materials that don’t directly relate to an elected official’s capacity as a government official or the people’s business.

The bill also develops an online training course for all records officials, which must be completed annually.  It also creates a government records ombudsman in the State Division of Archives and Records Service to help mediate records disputes.

The bill passed the house by a vote of 69 to 0 and will be sent to Governor Gary Herbert for his signature. Last year, Utah lawmakers passed a controversial overhaul of Utah’s GRAMA law in the final days of the legislative session, but later repealed it after public backlash.

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