Politics Up Close: Jim Bradley, Stephen Sandstrom

(KCPW News) Democrat Jim Bradley has been a longtime fixture in Salt Lake County politics. Serving as chairman of the county commission for four years in the early 1990s and the past 12 on the county council, he’s now seeking re-election. In recent years, Bradley has overseen the county’s new urban farming program and the creation of the Unified Police Department which led to some controversy. He joined us in the studio to discuss his accomplishments and why he’s seeking another term.


Then, lots of Republicans are vying against each other for the chance to go head to head with Democratic Congressman Jim Matheson in District 4 this election year. And Representative Stephen Sandstrom is one of them. We talked with the lawmaker known for backing a controversial anti-illegal immigration law that’s now tied up in federal court.


Listen to a podcast of the entire show here:


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