Utah Officials Say Infrastructure Not Ready for an Earthquake

(KCPW News) Stressing the devastating effects of earthquakes on masonry buildings constructed without steel reinforcement, local and state officials in Utah are committing to enact policies and provide education that will encourage residents to “Fix the Bricks,” just in time for the upcoming Great Utah ShakeOut earthquake drill. KCPW’s Whittney Evans reports on the issue Salt Lake City Mayor Ralph Becker says keeps him awake at night.




  1. Kevin Kerby

    It just astounds me that our government, who takes 20-30% in taxes and is required by Govermental laws to protect its citizen’s is not taking steps to protect us. I think that the people, need to demand proper protection and proper shelter systems to protect us with the amounts of tax dollars they take every year. Where did our Civil Defense go….You have none.
    Its not just earthquakes – all kinds of problems can happen and its the responsibility of our Government officials to protect us – I think its time we demand our rights.