Pro-Hatch Group’s Utah Backers Revealed

(KCPW News) While much is known about FreedomWorks, the group that’s been fiercely opposing Utah Senator Orrin Hatch’s re-election, relatively little has been disclosed about Freedom Path, a nonprofit that’s backing him. But this week, more information about who is behind the group came out. Matt Canham is Washington Correspondent for the Salt Lake Tribune and contributor to Political Cornflakes, a daily, online round-up of Utah politics. KCPW’s Jeff Robinson asked him what new information he learned about Freedom Path this week.

  1. Sandra Peterson

    It seems Americans suffer from either terminal memory loss or terminal fear. Whichever it is, I worry that it will, indeed, prove terminal to our nation!
    In 2010 we were so disgusted with Washington that several e-mails circulated suggesting a new amendment to the constitution which would require our representatives to be subject to the laws they make. “Dump the incumbent” fever was a virtual epidemic!
    Our Washington ‘elite’ use scare tactics to impress upon us the urgency of their re-election, making seniority sound more important than any issue. Really?!!? Could a freshman class of Congressmen have done a worse job over the past several years than these ‘veteran’ buffoons?!
    Albert Einstein said “The significant problems we face cannot be solved at the same level of thinking we were at when we created them.” Has Orrin Hatch’s thinking changed in the last 36 years, or will he be trying to solve the problems he helped create by using the same old thinking that got us here?
    I urge Utahans not to be intimidated into voting for Hatch (even by Romney!) and to remember the distrust for Congress that was so tangible during the 2010 elections. It’s time to FIRE HATCH!!!

  2. Josh Ewing

    Hats off to Matt and the Trib for going deeper than the superficial on the “behind the scenes” money and influences in politics. We all deserve to know what’s driving the process. And thanks to KCPW for this entertaining and valuable weekly feature. Love hearing from Burr and Canham.

  3. Ryan

    I believe, like Hatch and Liljenquist, that the superpacs need to go. But I also disagree with Sandra that we just get rid of encumbents. There are good senators, who work for a lot of change against an increasingly bipartisan congress (cough* Mike Lee/Nancy Pelosi* cough). Change, REAL CHANGE, will happen if we can get back to the bipartisan atmosphere where Hatch was able to pass a balanced budget ammendment. Remeber, he was there fighting against these problems as they came up, not the one ushering them in. He hasn’t been perfect, but he’s been a whole hell of a lot better than Dan has been in 3 years. Expanded S-Chip, accepted unfunded federal bailout to balance his budget. I’m not replacing an imperfect Hatch in his last term, with an even WORSE senator who is all about power grabbing and big government. We need change, and Dan would be more of the same kind of politician that got us into this mess.