Salt Lake City Considers Off-Leash Dog Tag Program

(KCPW News) Salt Lake City leaders are considering an off-leash dog tag program to increase revenue for maintaining off-leash dog areas and developing new ones. Art Raymond, spokesman for Mayor Ralph Becker, says the goal is to recognize the growing use of off-leash dog parks and responsibly expand those opportunities.

“We are taking a look at ways we can change how we can manage current off-leash areas and also looking toward the future of the possibility of both expanding off-leash areas for area residents and incorporating ideas that are finding good success in other cities,” he says.

The city could require an annual fee to be paid for dog owners to receive the tag and used fenced-in, off-leash parks, with a separate option for low-income residents. There would be a separate tag for open-space parcels. The city is also proposing a park ranger program to educate the public on park rules and enforce them.

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