Politics Up Close: Senate Candidate Dan Liljenquist, County Council Hopeful Joe Demma

(KCPW News) Former Republican State Senator Dan Liljenquist was counting on a strong showing in the GOP caucus meetings this spring to knock off six-term Senator Orrin Hatch this election year. But Hatch got his people out to support him, setting the challenger back a bit. Still, Liljenquist managed to secure enough votes to put Hatch in his first primary election since 1976. We asked how confident he is about his chances going into that primary on June 26.


Then, Joe Demma knows a thing or two about Utah politics, having run Governor Gary Herbert’s 2010 campaign and served as his chief of staff in the Lt. Governor’s office. Now, he’s looking to get into local government, running as a Republican for Salt Lake County Council. We asked about his qualifications and ideas as he also faces a primary later this month.


Listen to a podcast of the entire episode here:


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