Wimmer Takes Job in Nevada

Former Representative Carl Wimmer

(KCPW News) Former State Representative and Republican Congressional candidate Carl Wimmer is taking his political aspirations to the Silver State. Wimmer announced today he’s accepted a position with the Nevada Republican Party as its Political Director.

“That is a job that helps the day-to-day operations and is a full time position running the party. I’ll be working directly with the executive director as well as the chairman of the Nevada GOP in helping to unite the party and bring people together and make sure that Nevada is a big win for the Republicans this November,” he says.

Wimmer says for now, he’ll maintain his home in Herriman and commute to Las Vegas each week, because his hopes of running for Congress are still alive.

“If the opportunity to run for Congress in Utah comes up again, I would seriously consider that, and who knows, I may end up moving my family to Nevada and may run for something there someday,” says Wimmer. “I am keeping all of the options open right now. Quite frankly, I may like this job so much that I hold onto it for a long period of time.”

Wimmer was elected three times to the Utah House of Representatives before stepping down to run for Congress this year. He recently lost the bid for the newly-created 4th Congressional District to Saratoga Springs Mayor Mia Love.

Editor’s note: The Chairman of the Nevada Republican Party said Tuesday that Wimmer was not offered the job as political director. Here is an updated story.