Politics Up Close: State Auditor Auston Johnson, GOP Mayoral Debate Highlights

State Auditor Auston Johnson

(KCPW News) Auston Johnson has been Utah’s State Auditor for the past 17 years, and as he runs for re-election this cycle, is touting a record of transparency and uncovering fraud, waste and abuse in government. His opponent in this month’s primary election is State Representative John Dougall. He joined us in the studio to discuss his record and why the race matters.


Then, former Salt Lake County Councilman Mark Crockett went head to head with West Valley City Mayor Mike Winder Wednesday night at the Leonardo, as the two prepare for this month’s GOP primary election. We listened in on some of the heated exchanges from our debate co-sponsored by the Utah Taxpayers Association. You can hear those highlights in the podcast of today’s full episode below, or listen to the podcast of the full debate here.

  1. Utah_1

    I endorse John Dougall to be the new Utah State Auditor, as I can’t think of anyone better I would trust with $13 Billion dollars, that would make sure the audits are complete and understandable to everyone.

    He has been Vice Chair of the House Executive Appropriations Committee, responsible to help with coordinating not only between all appropriations committees, but with the Senate. I have watched him repeatedly work to protect the money required at the hands of taxpayers to fund State operations.

    The State Auditor is an administrative position. While I don’t agree all the time with Governor Herbert, he has done well, despite not having degrees or certifications to match all of the areas he administers.

    The Utah Constitution sets the requirements for Utah State Auditor, and there is no requirement for a CPA. John Dougall has an engineering degree and a MBA. He is a master with numbers.

    I voted for John Dougall.

  2. Amber

    Utah_1 is Rep Fred Cox. Nobody cares about your endorsement for Dougall. You copy and paste the same thing to any comment section you can find. The two of you are buddies and that is the only reason I need to not vote for him, but it does go behond that as well. Dougall is dishonest and will lie to whoever will listen to him. I spoke with him at a Meet the Canidates, and what I was told was so outside the reaches of the Auditors control that I just told him thank you but you’re not the guy.

    Auston Johnson has my vote and he is obviously the only one qualified and with the experience Utah needs.