Politics Up Close: Millcreek Incorporation Debate, Senator Orrin Hatch

(KCPW News) This fall, Millcreek voters will decide if the east-side suburb should remain a township or incorporate as the county’s 17th city. What would this mean for taxpayers and businesses? And how would becoming a full-fledged city affect Salt Lake County’s already-thin budget? We talked with Deputy County Mayor Nichole Dunn, Lamont Tyler of the pro-incorporation Future of Millcreek Association, and Roger Dudley of Against Millcreek Incorporation.


Then, U.S. Senator Orrin Hatch will face his first GOP primary election since 1976 on June 26. We caught up with him after talking recently with his Republican opponent, Dan Liljenquist.


Listen to a podcast of the entire show here:


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