Over 6,000 Votes Left to Count in County Mayor Race

(KCPW News) Although former Salt Lake County Council member Mark Crockett sits 239 votes ahead of West Valley City Mayor Mike Winder in the race for the Republican nomination for Salt Lake County Mayor, Salt Lake County Clerk Sherrie Swensen confirms the race is far from over.

“We’re just now in the process of trying to establish how many of the absentees were dropped at the polls, the absentees that came in that are properly postmarked.  We figure there could be over 6,000, and they can actually keep arriving in the mail if they’re properly postmarked up until noon on the day of the canvass, which isn’t until July 10,” says Swensen.

For this election absentee ballots must have been postmarked by Monday, June 25.

Swensen says many of these ballots are still arriving at her office, and many more were dropped off at polling locations.  She adds a recount is a possibility if the race remains close after those ballots are counted.

“The rule for a recount is if the margin is within one vote per precinct.  In Salt Lake County there are 724 precincts, so if the margin is that narrow then we would do a recount upon a request by the candidate,” says Swensen.

In an email to the media today, Winder estimates he would get the nomination if he were to win 53% of the ballots remaining to be counted.  Results of the count won’t be released until voter canvass day on July 10.