Crockett and Winder Anticipate Canvass Results

(KCPW News)  The race for the Republican nomination for Salt Lake County Mayor could end tomorrow at the conclusion of the official election canvass.  June’s primary election ended with former county councilman Mark Crockett leading West Valley City Mayor Mike Winder by 239 votes; however, there were thousands of absentee and provisional ballots left to count.

Winder is still holding out hope.  “Being a little bit behind on election night, mentally I feel that maybe we don’t pull it out,” says Winder, “But there’s that one-in-four shot in my mind that maybe we do pull it out.  I guess we’ll find out tomorrow.”

Winder says it’s likely he will ask for a recount should he be within the required number of votes.  To request a recount, the margin must be within one vote for each precinct, which is 724 for Salt Lake County.

Meanwhile Crockett, who expects to win the nomination, says the close election has set him a bit behind in fundraising as donors wait to find out where their dollars should go.

“Well, we’ve been going to all the parades, or at least as many as we could get to on {July} 4th.  We are still doing events, but, yes, I think the main thing at this point is for us to cue up a fundraising campaign again just like everybody does in general elections,” says Crockett.

Both candidates say they have had staff on hand to view the ballot counting process at the county clerk’s office, and that it’s working as it should.  Salt Lake County Clerk Sherrie Swensen says as of Friday, about 7,500 eligible absentee and provisional ballots had been counted. Ballots postmarked by June 25th remain eligible if they arrive by noon tomorrow.