Chon Confirmed As Judge Despite Committee Rejection

(KCPW News)  Despite being rejected by the Senate Judicial Confirmation Committee, Su J. Chon, one of Governor Gary Herbert’s choices to replace two retiring judges in the state’s 3rd District Court, was confirmed by the full Senate Wednesday via a 17-10 vote.  Chon thanked the body for thoroughly vetting her nomination.

“I understand that there were some concerns about my experience and I want to assure you that I will apply the same sort of dedication and hard work that I’ve applied to every job that I’ve had, and will make you proud in several years,” said Chon.

Earlier in the week the confirmation committee voted 4 to 2 against Chon’s confirmation, with several members expressing concern about her lack of criminal law and trial experience.  Chon is the first member of a minority group Herbert has ever nominated to the bench.   Nominee James Blanch was also confirmed to be a judge in the 3rd District Court.