NBC Affiliate’s Decision Not to Air Show about Gay Fathers Draws Backlash

NBC photo from “The New Normal”

(KCPW News) KSL-TV’s decision not to air a show about a gay couple and their efforts to start a family is drawing anger from the local LGBT community. As KCPW’s Charlotte Duren reports, the local NBC affiliate says “The New Normal” wasn’t the right fit for its primetime lineup, while others say the decision is outdated and sends a dangerous message to Utah.

  1. Freddy J.

    I think they were right to not show that trash. I’m sick of the LGBT community shoving their lifestyle choice down my throat. I want to watch family-friendly TV, not another show trying to convince me and my kids that it’s the right decision to be gay. And yes, I said decision. I don’t believe for one minute that they can’t control their choice, and that it’s just natural.