West Valley City Won’t Release Powell Records to Family Attorney

(KCPW News) After a week of deliberating, the West Valley City Council announced last night it will not be releasing any files relating to the disappearance of Susan Cox Powell. Mayor Pro Tem Corey Rushton said the council came to the unanimous decision after viewing the police files themselves.

“It was pretty apparent to us that these documents would be protected under Utah state law, and I think more generally under the clause of ongoing investigation and would hamper an ongoing investigation,” he said.

This is the third time Powell’s parents have been denied access to the records.

Rushton says everyone on the Council sympathizes with Chuck and Judy Cox, but they feel the case is best left in the hands of the West Valley Police Department.

“We’re anxious to get to the bottom of it, to get to conclusions for everyone involved but we went through this as deliberately as possible and came to this conclusion, so we’ll just let the professionals keep working on it and see where it goes,” said Rushton. “Our prayers and thoughts are still out with the families.”

Anne Bremner, the attorney representing Chuck and Judy Cox, told the council last week if the request was denied, she would take the case to court. She said on Twitter the decision was disappointing but not unexpected.