Salt Lake City Public Library in Final Stages of Executive Director Search

(KCPW News) A new leader of the Salt Lake Public Library System could be announced within days. Spokeswoman Julianne Hancock says the Library’s Board of Directors has narrowed down its search for a new Executive Director to two candidates, both of whom have been visiting with staff and board members since Sunday.

Employees were able to submit questions that they wanted their potential future bosses to answer, and we bundled those questions and asked them to talk a little bit about what they thought their vision was for the future of librarianship, ” Hancock said. “Then on Monday, they underwent a number of interviews.”

Both finalists are from out of state. Ben Ocon has been director of the San Mateo Public Library in California since 2003. Before that, he spent time in Salt Lake City as manager of the Day-Riverside Branch.

Tracey Joel Hunter Hayes is currently the library director at Lincoln University in Pennsylvania. He previously worked as a curator at Legacy Books and held leadership positions at military and public libraries across North America.

“The Board of Directors could make an announcement as early as September 20th, but they’re taking their time and reviewing each candidate to make sure that we find the right fit,”  says Hancock.

If the board decides neither candidate is right, Hancock says the library will reopen its nationwide recruitment process.



    without doubt Ben Ocon has the experience of public service and knows the speciality of public service that is traditional in the Salt Lake City Lbrary. He comes from a background of public service beginning in L A Public Library. when he was with us here it was a fresh multicultural approach and I found him approacable no matter what. He listens reasons and decides. It was sadwhen he left here and it would a true honour for the library to have him back in any campacity but as ex. Directort it would be goood for the public and the staff.There would be a breath of air but one that is a new breeze . Ben Ocon is the one