Politics Up Close: Gubernatorial Candidate Peter Cooke, Rep. Derek Brown

Democratic Gubernatorial Nominee Peter Cooke

(KCPW News) Democratic Gubernatorial nominee Peter Cooke just wrapped up his final debate with Republican Governor Gary Herbert. The retired General has continually gone after the incumbent’s record on education spending, public lands, and what he sees as a lack of action to protect Hill Air Force Base, and questions Herbert’s optimism about the state’s economy. So what alternatives would he have to offer voters if they elect him to the office? Cooke joined us in the studio for a conversation about his campaign.


Rep. Derek Brown (R-Sandy)

Then, State Representative Derek Brown has been an attorney, professor, and professional pianist. The freshman Republican from Sandy is running for another term, after sponsoring bills related to criminal justice and child welfare, among others. We talked with him about his political principles as he runs for re-election.


Listen to a podcast of the entire episode here:


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