Independent/Third-Party Congressional Candidates Debate Political System at City Library

Salt Lake City Main Library

(KCPW News) Five independent and third-party candidates running for the U.S. House of Representatives and Senate offered their thoughts about the U.S. political system and how to change it Monday night at the Salt Lake City Main Library’s Tessman Auditorium. Here is a podcast of the full event:



Joe Andrade, independent candidate running for U.S. House District 2

Bill Barron, independent candidate running for U.S. Senate

Jonathan Garrard, Constitution Party candidate running for U.S. House District 2

Daniel Geery, Justice Party candidate for U.S. Senate

Charles Kimball, independent candidate for U.S. House District 2

  1. Fanny Blauer

    Thank you so much for providing the space and the time to let the independent voices be heard. As the statistics show, utah is 51% independent and when media covers this issue we feel like we really have a voice.

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