Utah DAQ Has Grant Money Available for Clean Fuel Projects

(KCPW News)  The Utah Division of Air Quality wants to help other organizations clean up their vehicles.  Senior research analyst Lisa Burr says funding is available to help businesses and governments purchase clean fuel technologies that reduce emissions and will help improve Utah’s air quality.

“It’s $250,000 available for grants and $250,000 available for low interest loans for clean fuel projects. We can award up to $100,000 per project,” says Burr.

She adds since 2009, the division has awarded nearly $1 million in grants and over $350,000 in loans to more than 21 different organizations.

“We have awarded funds for refueling equipment. We have awarded funds for the purchase of CNG street sweepers, aerial trucks, refuse trucks, conversion of police cars to CNG,” Burr says.

Proposals for funding must be submitted to the Division of Air Quality no later than December 13th. The awards will be announced in March.