Dept. of Commerce Warns of Super Storm Scams

(KCPW News)  In the wake of Super storm Sandy, the Utah Department of Commerce is issuing a word of caution for Utah residents looking to help. Executive Director Francine Giani says spam attacks began filling email inboxes hours after the storm.

“The division has learned that spam attacks with the subject lines containing hurricane and sandy and coast and sandy and Sandy super storm have begun flooding email boxes since October 29th,” says Giani.

Online security experts are also predicting that phishing scams and malware infested sites are looking to profit from fake news reports and email links to dramatic video from Sandy as a way to bait donations online. Giani says there are ways to check and see if a charity is legitimate.

“You can log onto our website go to look for the Department of Commerce and go to the Division of Consumer Protection and you can check online to find out if the charity is registered and in good standing here,” say Giani.

Giani says consumers should remember that in the event of an emergency a charity’s first priority is to help victims and not solicit donations.