LaMalfa Lays Out Goals as Council Chair

(KCPW News) Second-year Councilman Kyle LaMalfa will lead the Salt Lake City Council in 2013. LaMalfa, who represents the west side’s Glendale area, was elected to the position in a vote of 5-2 Tuesday. LaMalfa credits outgoing chair Soren Simonson for his work in moving stalled legislation forward to help clear the slate to create new policy.

“As we look back at what we accomplished last year we got through the alcohol ordinance and other big controversial topics that had been lingering for quite some time,” LaMalfa said. “As we go into this year, 2013, there is an incredible amount of latitude to work with the Mayor’s office and citizens and citizen groups.”

LaMalfa says his personal goal is to streamline the way the city handles neighborhood improvement initiatives in an effort to speed things up.

“Focus more on blocks or groups of legislation that is quite similar, for example, if the council saw fit to improve a particular business node or business distract we could piece together a planning component, a design component, a funding component that right now are handled quite separately,” said LaMalfa.

East-side Councilwoman Jill Remington Love was elected Vice-Chair.