State Hit With Near Record-Breaking Cold

(KCPW News) The Wasatch Front continues to face bitter cold temperatures and forecasters say the end is not in site. National Weather Service Hydrologist Brian McInerney say temps won’t improve much over the next five to seven days adding to what could end up being one of the coldest months on record.

 “It’s been on average colder than average through the entire month of January; this is in direct contrast to what we’ve seen going back December, November, October, and through the summer months,” said McInerney. “This is the first month that it has been below average this consistent and it’s also the first time that we have gone below 0 temperatures at the airport since 2008.”

McInerney adds this season is putting the state is good shape for water.

“Our mountain snow pack is about 85 to 110 percent of normal,” McInerney told KCPW. “Last year at this time it was at 44 percent of normal.”

 The snow pack was at 200 percent when the state saw flooding in 2011.