Utah Ranks Last in School Breakfast Participation

(KCPW News) Utah is in last place when it comes to the number eligible school children eating free and reduced price breakfast each day. A report released Tuesday  by the Food Research Action Center shows only one in three students who receive free or reduced price lunch are also eating breakfast, which is included in the program. Gina Corina, Exeutive Director of Utahn’s Against Hunger says students who use the program must show up early to school, so she wants to explore some other options.

“They could do a ‘grab and go’ lunch as kids are going into class,” said Corina.  “But, what is most successful is actually serving breakfast in the class everyday so that you know that kids as they are sitting there preparing for the day, as teachers are taking roll, kids can eat breakfast and start their days ready to learn.”

Ben Horsley, Spokesman for Granite School District, the largest school district in the state, says the National School Lunch Program is a priority and they will be listening to parents and school officials to see if changes need to be made.

“We will do whatever our schools want,” said Horsley. “If they felt that could improve the numbers of participation, having a to-go option or something like, we would look at any of those options; it’s certainly not something beyond our desire to provide.”


The federal government fully reimburses schools that provide free or reduced price breakfast to students.