Parents Push for More Choice in Education

(KCPW News) Several students and parents looking for more choices in education made their voices heard on Utah’s Capitol Hill Friday. This week marks ‘Utah School Choice Week’ and Kim Frank; Executive Director of the Utah Charter School Network says there is still more that can be done.

“We have so many different needs in Utah,” Frank said. “We have students we are trying to serve with aspergers syndrome, students that we’re trying to serve with dual immersion programs, and those kind of programs need to grow in Utah and across the country so, we’re looking forward to even more choice in Utah.”

Senate President Wayne Niederhauser told KCPW he believes choice is always better and says things have been tried in recent years to make choice more possible.

“There are not a lot of things that we can do outside of a voucher or a tax credit and we talked about tax credits last year with Senator Howard Stephenson’s bill but it didn’t seem like something we wanted to do at the time, however we will continue to have discussions on how we can give parents the most flexibility for their child,” Niederhauser said.

There are 88 charter schools in the state and a list of 35,000 students waiting to get in.