Nasty Robocalls, Leaked Debate Questions, FBI Throws Weiner’s Emails into the Dumpster Fire, & Utahns Get Your Ballots in Quick! – Episode 157 (11/3/16)

This week Jim, Dan, and Natalie find plenty to discuss with less than a week before the big election: Utah Republican officials stumped for Trump at the capitol this week; Is the U.S. Supreme Court really so important for Republicans to vote for Trump?; Utahns get nasty robocalls about Evan McMullin claiming he’s gay; The ethics of whether Donna Brazile, a top DNC official, leaked a question to Hillary’s campaign back in March; Concerns about what the slow mail-in ballot return might mean for delays on election day; FBI Director James Comey threw even more gasoline on this election dumpster fire with disgraced former Congressman Anthony Weiner’s email this week; and Congressman Jason Chaffetz says he already plans to make life hell for a President Clinton and gets death threats in return.