Fear and Loathing from the Dems, Glee from the GOP – the 2016 Election Results – Episode 158 (11/10/16)

Well, the results are in. What a shocker. A ‘Black Swan Event”. Jim, Dan, and Natalie share their experiences and feelings after election night. Natalie offers her thoughts on how this election hurt women generally; Jim frets about who President-Elect Donald Trump may surround himself with; and Dan is gleeful over the surprisingly good results for the GOP. They also rant about how the vote-by-mail process turned out for Salt Lake County.

  1. Arline Allen

    Get rid of this Natalie creature — can’t stand to listen to her drivel any longer. Middle-of-the-road, my arse — she’s a self-identified Republican, first and foremost, an unrepentant Mormon who blathers on about her missionary son, and just not very articulate, with her Utah-accented musings (unprofessional). Time for somebody with another moderate viewpoint.