An 8th Term for Orrin?, Legislative Committees Get Scrambled, & Herbert’s Budget – Episode 162 (12/8/16)

This week Natalie, Jim, and Dan talk about what it would mean if Sen. Orrin Hatch runs again for an 8th term in 2018; Jon Huntsman Jr. is out for the Sec. of State job, but is Mitt Romney still in?; Utah’s electors feeling pressured to not cast their votes for Donald Trump; Gov. Herbert releases a budget proposal – does it matter?; Amazon says they’ll start collecting sales taxes from Utahns; Speaker Hughes scrambles the legislative committees – and Dan lost his Chair; and the business community says they’ll launch an “Our Schools Now” ballot initiative for 2018 to raise state income taxes to better fund education.

  1. Randal L (@arcael)

    Sure wish Both Sides podcast was available more timely.