Hinckley Institute Radio Hour: Inquiry Into Complicity, Amos Guiora

GuioraThe Hinckley Institute Radio Hour (Air date: May 7, 2014) – Professor Amos Guiora, a law professor at the University of Utah spoke recently about the Nazi death marches that occurred at the end of WWII.  Both of his parents are Holocaust survivors, and his father managed to survive one of the forced marches during the winter of 1944.  This is a subject that he’s researching for a new book, that also examines the complex questions of complicity.  Guiora considers the cultural, social, legal, and moral questions of complicity of by-standers during those dark events 70 years ago, and in our own time.DeathMarch

Amos Guiora is Co-Director of the Center for Global Justice at the S.J. Quinney College of Law. He teaches classes on international law and global perspectives on counterterrorism.  He has also written extensively on issues of terrorism law, cyber security, religion and extremism. He is a dual citizen of Israel and the United States. He served for 19 years in the Israel Defense Forces as a lieutenant colonel.