Hinckley Institute Radio Hour: Money & Politics


1889 political cartoon drawn by Joseph Keppler, Puck Magazine

The Hinckley Institute Radio Hour (Air date: August 6, 2014) – This past year a number of speakers at the Hinckley Institute have discussed the influence of money and wealth in politics; political campaign contributions, free speech, and transparency; and social and economic inequality in the U.S.

Segment 1: Joseph Schwartz, Professor of Political Science at Temple University.  He has published numerous articles examining the challenges of egalitarian politics and policy.  (Recorded during Money and Politics Symposium, March 20, 2013).  Elizabeth Rigby is Professor of Public Policy and Public Administration at George Washington University.  She researches the interplay of politics, policy, and social inequality in America. (Recorded during Money and Politics Symposium, March 20, 2013).

Segment 2: Debate between Republican Utah State Rep. Greg Hughes, and Bill Maurer, Executive Director of Institute for Justice, Washington Chapter.  (Recorded during “Regulating Free Speech and Campaign Finance” Forum – January 22, 2014)

Segment 3: Jeffrey Winters is Professor of Political Science at Northwestern University.  He is a scholar of comparative politics, and he specializes on oligarchs and elites spanning a range of historical and contemporary cases. (Recorded during Money and Politics Symposium, March 20, 2013)