The Hinckley Institute Radio Hour: Allyship

Allyship PanelThe Hinckley Institute Radio Hour (Air date: August 13, 2014) – “Allyship” is a term used for the process that people from privileged positions in life (ie, people who are heterosexual, white, or male) can take to build relationships to operate in solidarity with marginalized people (ie, people who are LGBT, people of color, or women).  This program features a panel discussion recorded on April 9, 2014, about what it means to be an “ally.”

The panel of University of Utah students and faculty includes Bryan Hotchkins, a postdoctoral research associate in field of Educational Leadership and Policy, Department of Public Administration; Brianne Blanchard, the Executive Secretary at the University of Utah’s LGBT Resource Center; Allison Boyer, a graduate with a BS in Environmental and Sustainability Studies; Gita Rani Mehrotra, Assistant Professor in the College of Social Work.  The moderator is Saundra Stokes, the Executive Director of the Inclusion Center for Community Justice, at the University of Utah.