The Case For ‘Our Schools Now’

The Hinckley Institute Radio Hour (Air dates: February 1/4, 2017) — Earlier this week the Hinckley Institute of Politics hosted a forum on the Our Schools Now initiative. If passed by voters in 2018, it would increase the state income tax by 7/8 of 1 percent, and would raise an additional $750 million a year to invest more in Utah’s public schools – mostly for K-12 education. Supporters say most polls show Utahns would support it, but state lawmakers are opposed to raising income taxes to fund education.

The panel participants are:
– Shawn Teigen, Research Director for the Utah Foundation
– Dr. Rich Kendell, Our Schools Now Executive Committee Member
– Dr. Suzanne Harrison, former candidate for Utah House District 32.
– and Allison Nicholson, Research Associate for the Utah Education Policy Center, who served as moderator.