Rape Is Not Normal

The Hinckley Institute Radio Hour (Air dates: April 19 ~ 22, 2017) — The Hinckley Institute recently hosted a conversation addressing normalization of rape. Because sexual violence and rape happen so often, and is punished so rarely, a growing number of scholars and activists say American society has become desensitized to it, operating under an assumption that rape is an inevitable fact of life.  According to scholars, this normalization of rape – a problem recently highlighted on Utah’s college campuses specifically – has led some people to internalize beliefs and attitudes that condone and even encourage gendered sexual aggression and violence. This forum was recorded on March 6, 2017, and presented by Office for Equity and Diversity.

The Panelists included:
– Rachel A. Griffin, Assistant Professor of Communication, U of U
– Romeo Jackson, Graduate Student, Education Leadership and Policy U of U
– Stephany Murguia, Outreach and Access Coordinator, Rape Recovery Center
– Julie Valentine, Assistant Professor, College of Nursing, BYU
– Flor Olivo (moderator), program coordinator, Women’s Resource Center