From Headphones to Wood-Fired Grills: Jeremy Andrus, CEO of Traeger Grills

img_5213The Bottom Line (Air Date: October 4, 2016) – Before Jeremy Andrus discovered Traeger Wood Pellet Grills through a search fund, he had successfully helped to lift Skullcandy as its CEO from $1 million dollars in annual sales to over $300 million dollars before eventually taking the company public. But Traeger proved to be a very different challenge for Andrus. It was a small business with tremendous potential, but its culture needed a drastic overhaul. The company also struggled with competition – after its patent protection had expired. What’s more, Andrus discovered serious IP and embezzlement issues with their manufacturing partner in China. In this interview with host Doug Wells, Jeremy Andrus talks about how he has helped Traeger become a recognizable brand, his decisions to take risks at certain times, his experiences marketing Traeger through Costco, Home Depot and Youtube online, and how he balances work and family obligations.