Hungry? Meet Hello Eats

The Bottom Line (Original Air Date: December 27, 2016) – Gabe Gundersen believes he has a better meal-ordering platform for hungry restaurant patrons, and restaurant managers who want help processing those orders. His Hello Eats will soon launch with partnering restaurants in Provo, Utah, and he thinks it will become the new go-to app for restaurants across the country. Gabe acknowledges this space already has competitors, with existing apps like Seamless and Grubhub. But he points out some restaurant owners have compared Seamless to the mob. Gabe says these apps exploit restaurants and create price inflation, which ultimately hurts restaurant owners. Gabe says his App, in comparison, will be payments-based and will cost restaurants and customers nothing to use. That means a low margin, but profitable at scale, he says.

Gundersen is well-known in the Utah tech community. With his brother Jordan he co-founded Izeni, the Provo-based software developer that helps aspiring entrepreneurs to build websites and apps. Gabe also partnered with Clint Betts who created Beehive Startups to launch StartSLC in 2015.