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The intersection of art and activism

Today on the show, we’re looking at the convergence of art and activism. Jorge Rojas, Utah Museum of Fine Arts Director of

Local Artists Do What They Hate for New Exhibition

(KCPW News) An exhibition in Salt Lake City features local artists subjecting themselves to their least favorite styles and mediums. The exhibition,

CityViews 11/28/12: Air Quality Colors/Science Meets Art

  Segment 1: For the past decade, air quality alerts in Utah have mirrored a traffic light, with green meaning clean skies,

CityViews 11/27/12: Transportation in the Canyons/LeConte Stewart

Segment 1: Traffic congestion, a lack of parking and issues between pedestrians, bikes and vehicles aren’t just city issues. As more and

CityViews 10/18/12: Social Justice from the Frontlines/Nancy Holt

Segment 1: From child welfare to truancy to how the criminal justice system handles prostitution, social work intersects with the law in

CityViews 2/2/12: Preserving ‘Spiral Jetty’

  Segment 1:   Supporters of Robert Smithson’s monumental earthwork are taking a three-pronged approach to preserving the piece. Dia Art Foundation