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Politics Up Close: The Arizona Experience

Today, we broadcast a panel discussion KCPW moderated at Sprague Library in Sugar House, called Immigration Policy, the Arizona Experience, hosted by

Is Sleeping at Work a Tax Crime?

A complaint against Utah Congressman Jason Chaffetz about his practice of sleeping in his congressional office led to an attack this week

Hostile Cable Host Calls Chaffetz “Tax Criminal”

Utah Congressman Jason Chaffetz defended himself against repeated accusations that he’s a tax criminal from a hostile MSNBC host last night.

Politics Up Close: Congressman Rob Bishop

With the GOP in control of the House of Representatives, Utah Congressman Rob Bishop now finds himself in a better spot after

Huntsman’s $$, Caucus of Three, & Bishop’s Wardrobe

If former Utah Governor Jon Huntsman intends to run for President now that he’s stepping down as Ambassador to China, he’ll most

Politics Up Close: Former Health Insurance Exec Speaks Out

Wendell Potter used to be a top executive at a major health insurance corporation, CIGNA. Now, he’s trying to get the word

Matheson’s Take on State of the Union

In his State of the Union address last night, President Barack Obama touched on several themes that should appeal to a conservative

Huntsman’s Plans, Bipartisan Seating, & Hatch/Chaffetz Rivalry

Former Utah Governor and now-Ambassador to China Jon Huntsman earned some ribbing from President Obama this week, when the president joked that

After Arizona Tragedy, Bennett Recalls Direct Threat from Talk Show Host

Former Utah Senator Bob Bennett says everyone should remember that the alleged shooter of an Arizona congresswoman is probably deranged, and shouldn’t

Bishop Wary of Defense Cuts

Utah Congressman Rob Bishop says the Pentagon should reconsider slashing the defense budget. Speaking on C-SPAN’s Washington Journal, the Republican said he

Matheson: Giffords is Bright, Articulate, & Passionate

Utah Congressman Jim Matheson called Arizona Representative Gabrielle Giffords a good friend of his, following a shooting Saturday that left her in

Politics Up Close: Constitutional Convention?

State Representative David Clark is calling for a constitutional convention, which hasn’t happened since the very first one in 1787. We asked