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Politics Up Close: Winder Runs for County Mayor

West Valley City Mayor Mike Winder is plowing ahead with his bid for Salt Lake County Mayor. The candidate has picked up

Romney, Hatch Weigh in on Birth Control Insurance Mandate

While the Catholic Church has battled the Obama administration on mandatory contraception coverage for health insurance plans, Utah’s dominant religion, which does

Politics Up Close: Former Superlobbyist Jack Abramoff

Former Utah House Speaker David Clark now has his sights set on a higher political office, running for Congress in the 2nd

Budget Would Impact Central Utah Project

It’s no surprise that Republicans in Utah’s Congressional delegation have nothing positive to say about President Obama’s new budget proposal. But how

Matheson to Run in 4th Congressional District

The National Republican Congressional Committee has stepped up its attacks on Utah Congressman Jim Matheson, releasing an ad highlighting his support of

Matheson Weighs in on Deficit Reduction Following Supercommittee Failure

With the congressional budget-cutting supercommittee’s super failure, whether or not the House and Senate can rein in the deficit during the upcoming

Pro-Huntsman Super PAC Rolls Out New Hampshire Ad

A political Super PAC supporting Jon Huntsman’s presidential bid pulled out the stops this week, starting a broadcast advertising blitz in New

Ashdown Launches Second Senate Bid

Pete Ashdown, founder and CEO of Utah Internet Service Provider XMission announced his second candidacy for the U.S. Senate Friday at the

Huntsman Could Benefit From Other Candidates’ Woes

One presidential candidate who might stand to benefit from Texas Governor Rick Perry’s forgetfulness or repeated allegations of sexual harassment against Herman

Hatch Acknowledges Seeking Fed. Help for Now-Bankrupt Firm

When Democrats criticized Republican Utah Senator Orrin Hatch for supporting Raser Technologies, a Provo-based green energy firm that went bankrupt, his office