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Lawmakers OK Earmark for Lake Powell Pipeline

State lawmakers on the Water Issues Task Force voted Monday to recommend a 15 percent earmark on future sales tax growth to

McAdams Becomes 2nd Democrat to Enter County Mayor’s Race

Having worked in both city and state government, Democratic Senator Ben McAdams is now looking to add Salt Lake County to that

Politics Up Close: Real Women Run, LDS Dems and Auditor Controversy

With only five in the Senate and 13 in the House of Representatives, the Utah Legislature ranks 43rd among the states for

County Recorder Joins Mayor’s Race

Salt Lake County Recorder Gary Ott wants a new job in 2012. Today, the 60-year-old was the first Republican to officially announce

CityViews 11/3/11: No Tax Hike, No Independent Auditor’s Office in Salt Lake County?

  Segment 1:   No new property taxes and continued belt-tightening. That’s the message Salt Lake County Mayor Peter Corroon delivered during

Budget, Accounting Shake-Up Could Mean a Lawsuit for Salt Lake County

A proposal to move budgeting and accounting functions from the independently-elected Salt Lake County Auditor’s office to the Mayor's control could cost

No New Taxes in Corroon’s Budget, but Auditor Threatens Lawsuit

In addition to a six-percent budget cut to fill a $17 million hole, Salt Lake County Mayor Peter Corroon's 2012 budget proposal

Tavaci Development May Still be Re-Zoned

Cottonwood Heights Mayor Kelvin Cullimore says he’s hoping developer Terry Diehl will reconsider building in his city now that it may re-zone

SL County Council Adopts Redistricting Map

While Utah lawmakers once again drew their own boundaries this year, the Salt Lake County Council embarked on a different path, allowing

SL County to Offer Spanish Language Assistance at Polls

A federal mandate could potentially bring more Spanish-speaking Salt Lake County residents to the polls in 2012. The U.S. Census Bureau announced

Police Agencies to Train for Officer-Involved Shootings

Law enforcement agencies in Salt Lake County will participate in a two-day training seminar this fall to brush up on how to

Politics Up Close: Romero Runs for Salt Lake County Mayor

Since Peter Corroon’s election in 2004, a Democrat has been Mayor of Salt Lake County. But he pledged to serve no more

Politics Up Close: Justice in the U.S.

The execution of Troy Davis in Georgia has people across the nation riled up about the state of American justice. And here

Army Denies County Reimbursement for Herriman Wildfire Costs

The U.S. Army has denied a reimbursement claim of more than $50,000 from Salt Lake County, which it submitted for costs related

Salt Lake County Enforces Hiring Freeze

Salt Lake County will not be pulling out the “We’re Hiring” sign anytime soon. In a unanimous decision last night, the Salt

Politics Up Close: Salt Lake County Redistricting

While Utah lawmakers re-draw their own boundaries, Salt Lake County has an independent redistricting commission. We talked about its work with commission

Salt Lake County Council Given Three Redistricting Proposals

After nine months of work, the redistricting proposals for Salt Lake County are finished and are now being considered by the County

Politics Up Close: ACLU on Public Defender System in Utah

The U.S. Supreme Court has made it clear that criminal defendants who can’t afford a lawyer must be provided one by the

Report Slams Lack of Resources for Public Defenders

Utah falls behind the rest of the nation in the amount of money and resources it directs toward public defenders, according to

Corroon Discusses Budget Shortfall Options

The recession is not over for local governments. That’s the lesson Salt Lake County knows well after realizing its looking at a

Murray Flood Victims Will Get More Assistance from County

Victims of a flash flood last month in Murray will now get more money than they initially thought from Salt Lake County

Council Members Say They Were Blindsided by $17 Mil. Shortfall

Many Salt Lake County Council members are looking for answers as to why they were just told about a $17 million shortfall

Salt Lake County Council to Vote on Hiring a Consultant for Convention Hotel

A vote at today’s Salt Lake County Council meeting could add momentum to an effort to put a convention center hotel in

Still Challenging to Be Gay in Many Communities, HRC Leader Says in Salt Lake

The nation’s largest LGBT civil rights organization made a stop in Salt Lake City over the weekend, spreading its message of equality.

City Says Downgrade Would Affect Projects

Credit rating agencies have spared the state a rating downgrade, but some local governments are now under review. Salt Lake City, Salt

Salt Lake County Urges Residents to “Commit To Be Fit”

Salt Lake County has unveiled a new challenge for residents and their elected officials alike. It’s called “Commit To Be Fit,” a

Salt Lake County to Pay $100,000 to Flood Victims

The Salt Lake County Council has agreed to pay out $100,000 for damages sustained to dozens of homes that flooded last week

SL County Redistricting Commission Holds Open House Thursday

While Utah lawmakers are in charge of re-drawing their own legislative boundaries, an independent commission has been tasked with that job for

Attitudes About Local Economy Improve

Utahns are more optimistic about the local economy this month, despite the federal government’s debt crisis. The Zions Bank Consumer Attitude Index

ACLU Sues Salt Lake County Jail, Says it Holds Suspects Illegally

The Utah Chapter of the American Civil liberties Union says the Salt Lake County Jail is illegally holding suspected illegal immigrants. The