Election 2012 Archive

Politics Up Close: Mayor Ralph Becker, Congressional Candidate Chris Stewart

Salt Lake City’s plans to restrict electronic billboards survived during this year’s legislative session. But changes will still be coming to the

Politics Up Close: Independent Congressional Candidate Joe Andrade, Brent Goodfellow Runs for County Council

Usually, political candidates who want to go to Washington pledge to put Utah first. But University of Utah engineering professor Joe Andrade,

Salt Lake City Councilman Running for Congress

Salt Lake City Council Chair Soren Simonsen is setting his sights on higher office, filing to run as a Democrat against Republican

Politics Up Close: Winder Runs for County Mayor

West Valley City Mayor Mike Winder is plowing ahead with his bid for Salt Lake County Mayor. The candidate has picked up

Hatch Supporters Turn Out for Caucuses

Republicans wanting a voice in Utah’s political process were given that chance last night as thousands of new delegates and precinct chairs

Lee Continues Protest Against Nominees

Republican Utah Senator Mike Lee’s decision to vote against all of President Obama’s judicial nominees in protest of his controversial recess appointments

Big Day for Hatch, Liljenquist

Today, Utah Republicans will flock to their caucuses across the state, following the Democrats’ meetings held Tuesday. And with his bid for

Herbert Discusses Re-Election Platform, Legislative Session

Utah Governor Gary Herbert’s 2012 campaign kickoff last night came only five days after the end of the annual session of the

Smith Becomes First Democrat to Enter Race for Utah Attorney General

Weber County Attorney Dee Smith became the first Democrat to enter the race for Utah Attorney General this morning . As KCPW's

Romney, Hatch Weigh in on Birth Control Insurance Mandate

While the Catholic Church has battled the Obama administration on mandatory contraception coverage for health insurance plans, Utah’s dominant religion, which does

Politics Up Close: Caucus Meetings and Agriculture Recording Controversy

In less than two weeks, the Utah Republican and Democratic parties will hold neighborhood caucus meetings across the state. There, delegates will

Progress in Conflict Over Federal Lands?

This week, state lawmakers in the House of Representatives passed a series of bills aimed at taking over public lands from the

Politics Up Close: Former Superlobbyist Jack Abramoff

Former Utah House Speaker David Clark now has his sights set on a higher political office, running for Congress in the 2nd

Lee Chief of Staff’s Comment Upsets Hatch Campaign

Could comments made this week by the top aide for Utah’s freshman senator lead to a rift with Utah’s senior senator? That’s

Budget Would Impact Central Utah Project

It’s no surprise that Republicans in Utah’s Congressional delegation have nothing positive to say about President Obama’s new budget proposal. But how

Politics Up Close: Sean Reyes Runs for Attorney General, State of Oil & Gas Drilling in Utah

Republican Sean Reyes wants to be Utah’s next Attorney General. He counts among his accomplishments becoming one of the first minority attorneys

Huntsman Joins Ford’s Board

Former Utah Governor and presidential candidate Jon Huntsman has now officially ruled out another political campaign this election year, but his post-primary

Politics Up Close: Crockett Runs for Mayor, Medicaid in Utah

Salt Lake County can be better managed for less. That’s the message of former county councilman Mark Crockett, who’s now hoping to

Huntsman Sr. Gave Millions to Super PAC Supporting Huntsman Jr.

While Jon Huntsman, Sr. was only allowed to formally contribute up to $2,500 to his son’s failed presidential campaign by law, that

Politics Up Close: John Swallow running for AG, SL Chamber 2012 Priorities

As Chief Deputy Utah Attorney General, Republican John Swallow has battled against the federal government on issues like health care reform and

Huntsman Junior Takes Over for Huntsman Senior at Cancer Foundation

Not too long after dropping out of the presidential race, former Utah Governor Jon Huntsman already has a new job. Huntsman Junior

Winder: “Thank You for Still Believing”

“Thank you for still believing” was the first thing West Valley City Mayor Mike Winder told his family, friends and supporters this

Chief Deputy AG Runs for Attorney General

After serving as chief deputy under Utah Attorney General Mark Shurtleff, John Swallow announced Thursday he is now looking to take over

Politics Up Close: 2012 Legislative Session Starts Monday

Monday marks the start of the 2012 session of the Utah Legislature. So far, it seems all sides agree that education funding

Huntsman’s Future After Dropping Out

He’s officially out of the running for President, but former Utah Governor Jon Huntsman isn’t expected to just drop off the map.

In Quitting Race, Huntsman Endorses Romney, Accuses President of Class Warfare

Former Utah Governor Jon Huntsman wasted no time in endorsing frontrunner Mitt Romney when dropping out of the GOP presidential race today.

Politics Up Close: Liljenquist Takes on Hatch for U.S. Senate

Despite 36 years in the Senate, Republican Utah Senator Orrin Hatch is far from invincible this election year. He might have gotten

Huntsman Campaigns in South Carolina with Low Expectations

No one goes to the Olympics hoping for a bronze medal. Still, former Utah Governor Jon Huntsman appears happy enough with his

Former County Councilman to Run for Mayor

Former Salt Lake County Councilman Mark Crockett will become the third Republican candidate for county mayor tomorrow as he announces his bid

Politics Up Close: Love Runs for Congress, Ott for Mayor

Salt Lake County Recorder Gary Ott has a track record when it comes to budget cutting. During his decade on the job,