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Politics Up Close: House Minority Leader David Litvack

In a special session last week, the Utah Legislature weighed in on the current debt ceiling crisis by passing another resolution urging

ACLU Sues Salt Lake County Jail, Says it Holds Suspects Illegally

The Utah Chapter of the American Civil liberties Union says the Salt Lake County Jail is illegally holding suspected illegal immigrants. The

HB 116 Opponents Want Repeal by End of September

A group of activists and state lawmakers rallied Wednesday afternoon during a special session of the legislature in support of repealing the

Politics Up Close: Rep. Jason Chaffetz on Border, Political Plans

Utah Congressman Jason Chaffetz continues to be a rising star in the GOP, getting more and more attention as he moves to

Lockhart Calls Out Utah Delegation Over Immigration

Utah’s congressional delegation is derelict on immigration. That’s the exact message sent by an op-ed from Utah House Speaker Becky Lockhart that

Former State Employee Reveals Motivation for Helping with “The List”

It wasn’t hatred of illegal immigrants but the desire to return a favor. That’s what Leah Carson, one of the two former

GOP Delegates Pass Measure to Repeal Guest Worker Program

Republican delegates approved a resolution to repeal and replace Utah’s guest worker program on Saturday at the Utah Republican Party Convention. HB

Lawmaker Says Church Statement Not a Game Changer

A new statement from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints advocates a way for illegal immigrants to be quote “square

“The List” Suspects Sentenced

Two former Department of Workforce Services employees who took part in circulating the names and information of people living in the state

Politics Up Close: West Valley Councilman Corey Rushton

Utah’s second largest city is undertaking a major effort to make the city a better place to live, work and have fun.