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Groups Urge Governor to Veto Undocumented Worker Bill

Groups that are typically at odds on most political issues are finding common ground as they call on Governor Gary Herbert to

Three Immigration Bills Ready for Governor

After a lot of compromise between the Utah House and Senate, and a late-night debate Friday, three Utah immigration bills are now

Herrod: I’ll Help Sue Utah Over Illegal Immigration

A Republican lawmaker is fuming over a guest-worker bill that cleared the Utah Legislature late Friday night, attracting national attention for allowing

Politics Up Close: Attorney General Mark Shurtleff

Some immigration bills in the Utah legislature this year have been incredibly divisive. Others, however, are earning broad, bipartisan support. Utah Attorney

Legislative Magazine Article Highlights Utah Immigration Bills

The immigration bills passed by the legislature this session could set the stage for what several other states aim to do in

Latest Immigration Bill Gets Broad Support

After heated testimony from the community, the Senate Revenue and Taxation Committee voted 7-1 to move what’s being called a “comprehensive immigration

Revamped Tuition Bill Stalls in House

The Utah House of Representatives revamped a bill Thursday that would repeal in-state tuition waivers for Utah college students who are in

Bramble Discusses Comprehensive Immigration Bill

Immigration was the word at the State Capitol Wednesday as several legislators pitched what they believe could be a reasonable solution for

Lawmakers Vote to Repeal In-State Tuition for Illegal Immigrants

After a 90-minute debate in a packed House Revenue and Taxation Committee, lawmakers approved a bill this morning to repeal in-state college

Illegal Immigration Enforcement Act Clears House

After a two-hour debate, the Illegal Immigration Enforcement Act cleared the Utah House of Representatives this morning and will now go to