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Sinclair must-runs and Utah, The “Doobie” State

Matt Lusty fills in for Natalie Gochnour in The Political Center and is joined on The Left by Sasha Luks-Morgan of the

Romney talks immigration, guv OKs Medicaid expansion and Utahns take to the streets over guns

Mitt Romney discusses his stance on Dreamers and promotes a merit-based U.S. immigration system. Utah Gov. Gary Herbert signs a Medicaid expansion

Youth-led activism

Today on the show: a look at youth-led activism in Utah and throughout history. Ermiya Fanaeian and Abena Bakenra, two organizers of

Gun reform and Romney’s right turn on immigration

Natalie Gochnour is joined on The Right by Rep. Dan McCay, R-Riverton, and on The Left by Rep. Rebecca Chavez-Houck, D-Salt Lake