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The redistricting process

Emily Means talks with Rep. Gage Froerer, R-Huntsville, and Rep. Rebecca Chavez-Houck, D-Salt Lake City, about redistricting, the process of re-evaluating and

Lawmakers to Settle on Congressional Map

State lawmakers wrapping up the redistricting process will likely settle on a congressional map this Monday that closely resembles the map approved

Politics Up Close: Party Leaders, House Speaker on Redistricting

Utah lawmakers haven’t been able to reach an agreement on how to re-draw the state’s congressional boundaries, as the redistricting process has

Democratic Party Leader Slams Redistricting Proposal

Just two weeks before final redistricting maps are voted on by the Utah Legislature, Utah Democratic Party Chairman Jim Dabakis is not

Redistricting Committee Stalls on Senate Map

A legislative redistricting committee considered two maps this morning for the Utah Senate boundaries, but neither got the stamp of approval. One

Redistricting Committee Chooses Citizen Map

In an unexpected move Monday, the Utah Legislature’s Redistricting Committee chose a citizen map for new state school board boundaries. As KCPW’s

Redistricting Committee Considers More Citizen Maps

Utah’s legislative redistricting committee took another look at citizen maps today at the State Capitol. Residents continue to urge the committee

Study Says House Dems Vulnerable in Redistricting

Utah is becoming more Republican, according to a contributor with the political science analysis forum Utah Data Points, and that means trouble