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Both Sides of the Aisle – Episode 65 (1/29/15)

With the Legislature back in session this week the crew gather in the Speaker’s Office to talk football, the LDS Church’s support

LDS Church: No Women Allowed at Priesthood Session

(KCPW News) The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints has rejected a group’s request for female attendance at the upcoming priesthood

CityViews 11/29/12: Free at Last/The Hindu Festival of Lights

  Segment 1: He pleaded not guilty to a St. Louis murder, but a jury took less than an hour to convict

CityViews 11/8/12: What is an American Muslim?/Remembering the Forgotten War

Segment 1: The religious identity of Muslims should not overshadow a citizen’s American-ness, but that same citizenship is conducive to being a

LDS Translation Department Highlighted Around the World

(KCPW News)  Salt Lake City welcomes visitors every day, but twice a year, Utah’s capital city fills with tens of thousands of

CityViews 9/11/12: “Brigham Young: Pioneer Prophet”/Why Mars Matters

  Segment 1: According to a new biography, Brigham Young “was viewed by his followers as an indispensable protector and by his

Utah Ranked Most Charitable State

When it comes to charitable giving, Utah is on top. According to a new study, residents in the Beehive state give more

District Attorney Reflects on Impact of Sikh Temple Shooting

The impact of Sunday’s massacre at a Sikh Temple in Wisconsin by a white supremacist hit especially hard for Salt Lake County

Obama Appoints First Mormon to Faith Based Council

The White House has announced the appointment of Elder Steven E. Snow of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints to

Christian Concert Back On Despite Lawsuit Concerns

A Christian concert at Draper City facility will go on despite ongoing threats of a lawsuit. Earlier this week, city leaders

Hundreds of Mormons Walk in PRIDE Parade

Hundreds of members from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints gathered with members of Utah’s LGBT community over the

Active Utah Atheists Say Their Community is Growing

To believe or not to believe? Today, more and more Utahns are choosing life without religion. KCPW’s Jessica Gail takes a look

Hundreds Turn Out for Easter Celebration at Rescue Mission

Easter came early for hundreds of Utah’s neediest families Friday. The Rescue Mission of Salt Lake held its annual Easter banquet providing

CityViews 3/26/12: Race & Mormonism/Poetry Slam Champ

Segment 1: The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints is becoming increasingly diverse, but many still see the church as racist,

Historic Black Church Seeks Help to Fix Structural Problems

A historic black church near downtown Salt Lake City is hoping the community will help it survive by fixing its drainage and

CityViews 2/7/12: Sex Ed in Schools

  Segment 1: A recent study by the Centers for Disease Control shows a quarter of teen moms in Utah thought they

CityViews 1/26/12: Thupten Jinpa on Religion and Science

Segment 1:    Thupten Jinpa has devoted much of his life to studying Buddhist metaphysics and the power of the mind. He

UHP Association Hopes Disclaimers Will Mean Crosses Can Stay Up

The Utah Highway Patrol Association is hoping a few modifications to several memorial crosses will be enough to end a legal battle

Politics Up Close: Real Women Run, LDS Dems and Auditor Controversy

With only five in the Senate and 13 in the House of Representatives, the Utah Legislature ranks 43rd among the states for

Supreme Court Won’t Hear UHP Cross Case

Crosses memorializing fallen Utah Highway Patrol officers will soon have to be taken down. This morning (Monday), the U.S. Supreme Court released

Lieberman Addresses Utahns; Says Religion Won’t Be a Factor in 2012 Election

Religion will likely not be an issue in the 2012 Presidential election… at least according to U.S. Senator Joe Lieberman of Connecticut.

CityViews 9/27/11: Mormonism and the Public Good

Segment 1: The gridlock in Washington has many citizens shaking their heads about the divisive nature of the debate and the polarization

New Billboard Aimed at Atheists, Nonreligious Utahns

A billboard aimed at atheists and non-religious Utahns is now up along a popular Salt Lake City highway. The Utah Coalition of

Tape Surfaces of Mark Hofmann Scamming Church Officials

A Provo bookstore owner and collector has come across new developments in the 25-year-old Mark Hofmann case. Hofmann is serving a life

Parties React to National Poll Showing Anti-Mormon Bias

A candidate for Utah Democratic Party Chair says he was appalled to see a recent Gallup poll showing 22 percent of those

Politics Up Close: Imam Muhammad Musri

Imam Muhammad Musri was launched into the spotlight for trying to stop a Florida Pastor from burning the Quran. We talked with

Bishop Wester Joins White House for Immigration Meeting

Utah’s approach to illegal immigration is piquing the curiosity of leaders in Washington. Bishop John Wester of the Salt Lake City Catholic

LDS Church Says It Has Met With Christensen

The LGBT community is breathing a sigh of relief Thursday after Representative LaVar Christensen announced he’s pulling three of his bills, including