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Salt Lake City Has New Tool for Parking Ticket Dodgers

If you haven’t paid your parking tickets in Salt Lake City, your car will soon be at risk of getting a SmartBoot.

School Bus Advertising Bill Clears Senate

A bill that would allow school bus ads to bring in cash for school districts is close to becoming law. Republican Representative

UTA Bill Causing Feud Between Representatives

A bill that has gotten stuck in the Utah legislature is causing a conflict between two lawmakers on opposite sides of the

Gas Tax Could Go Up

While Utah lawmakers aren’t eager to raise most taxes, a Senate committee approved a bill this morning to increase the gas tax

Legislation Makes Drowsy Driving a Crime

Drowsy driving could soon be a crime in Utah, not just a bad idea. Representative Lee Perry, a Utah Highway Patrol lieutenant,

Bill Would Get Rid of Points for Out-of-State Violations

Utah drivers wouldn’t get points on their license for out-of-state traffic violations, under a bill the Senate discussed this morning. Drivers risk

Education Cuts Could Limit School Bus Routes

Education funding is now threatening whether some students will be able to make it to school. Funds for school buses may have

Some Want Free Public Transportation on Bad Air Days

Clean air advocates say Utahns should be able to use public transportation for free on days when the air quality is unhealthy,

Becker Plugs Sugar House Streetcar in State of City Address

The Sugar House streetcar line was the focus of Salt Lake City Mayor Ralph Becker’s fourth state of the city address last