Utah Legislature Archive

Controversial Health Compact Moves Forward

Utah is a step closer to joining a multi-state compact that would petition the federal government for state control of healthcare dollars.

Lawmakers Drawing Closer to Finalizing Budget

With less than a week left in the session, House and Senate leaders are closing in on an agreement to fund the

Most Lawmakers Say Change is Good for Department of Community and Culture

Despite concerns from affordable housing groups over a plan to split Utah’s Department of Community and Culture, that bill is one step

Senate Approves Online Gambling Ban

The Utah Senate approved a bill this morning to keep online gambling illegal in the state as the federal government moves to

Lawmaker Amends Resolution on Connecting Ski Resorts

A legislative resolution to support connecting Salt Lake County and Summit County ski resorts is being amended to satisfy environmental groups and

Occupy SLC Protests Corporate Involvement in Legislative Process

Occupy Salt Lake protesters made their way back into the spotlight Wednesday at the Utah Capitol, but didn't draw much attention from

Tanning Restrictions Close to Becoming Law

A bill restricting the use of tanning beds by minors will soon be on Governor Gary Herbert’s desk, after the Utah House

Diversity Training Bill Voted Down

Should members of the Utah legislature be required to learn more about the changing demographics of the state and how to be

Rally Motivated By Repeated Failure of Nondiscrimination Bill

Enough is enough. That’s what some in Utah’s LGBT community are saying after a nondiscrimination bill considered by the state legislature failed

Bill Allows Cities to Impose Tax Hike to Bury Power Lines

Cities across the country and Utah are opting to bury their power lines instead of stringing them overhead, and one Democratic state

Landlords Angered by Changes to Bill

So called “mom and pop” landlords, or those who operate small-scale apartment complexes, are fuming over changes that were made yesterday to

Bill to Open Liquor Stores on Some Holidays Clears House

Utah liquor stores could be opening their doors a few more days in the coming year. Monday, the House of Representatives passed

Senate Approves Pledge of Allegiance Bill

A bill that requires individual classrooms in Utah to recite the pledge of allegiance every school day got unanimous support in the

Paraeducator Funding for Failing Schools Passed by Senate

Utah’s failing schools may be getting some help in the form of paraeducators, after a bill to help pay for them cleared

Tax Break for College Grads Advances

A tax break for Utah college students who stay and work in the state got mixed reviews from lawmakers this morning in

Hatch Promises Win in Tough Re-election Battle

Senator Orrin Hatch was in Utah today, speaking to the legislature about what he’s doing in Washington and defending his 36-year record

Politics Up Close: Former Superlobbyist Jack Abramoff

Former Utah House Speaker David Clark now has his sights set on a higher political office, running for Congress in the 2nd

Governor Not Fond of Plans to Overturn City Ordinances

Utah Governor Gary Herbert may be siding with local governments on a few bills being considered this legislative session to overturn local

Controversial Interstate Health Compact Moves Forward

A proposed interstate compact with the goal of petitioning the federal government for state control of Medicaid and Medicare dollars passed a

Sex Ed Restrictions Bill Clears House

A bill that bans the discussion of contraception, homosexuality, premarital sex and the intricacies of intercourse in human sexuality curriculum for Utah

Workplace Bullying Legislation Held in Committee

State lawmakers voted this morning to shelve a bill aimed at stopping bullying in the workplace. Several members of the public supported

New GRAMA Bill Advances Unanimously

Following last year’s uproar over major changes to Utah’s Government Records Access and Management Act, or GRAMA, a bill that makes smaller

Autism Pilot Program Advances out of Committee

State lawmakers and members of the public showed widespread support Friday for a proposed pilot program to fund behavioral therapy for young

Committee Shelves School Funding Proposal

State lawmakers decided this morning to shelve Democratic Senator Ben McAdams' proposal to increase funding for Utah's public schools. As KCPW's Whittney

Committee Revives, Passes Bill to Sell Liquor on Some Holidays

Some state liquor stores may be open on holidays after all. After previously rejecting a bill to create a pilot program for

Politics Up Close: Western Energy Alliance & Revamping Department of Environmental Quality Boards

A new study in Eastern Utah’s energy-rich Uintah Basin is being called the most comprehensive air quality study ever done in Utah.

Utah’s Guest Worker Law Survives Effort to Repeal

Legislation aimed at repealing Utah's controversial guest worker law failed to pass out of a Senate committee this morning after nearly two

Proposal to Allow Younger Kids to Have a Say in Custody Battles Fails

The Utah Senate rejected a proposal Wednesday to lower the age when a child can have a say in a custody battle

Liquor Bills Meet Different Results in Legislative Committees

State lawmakers gave the green light to one of three bills considered Tuesday that would revamp some of Utah's liquor laws. As

Pilot Program Would Help Some Young Kids with Autism

Some children with autism could soon be getting help from the state. House leaders sat down with KCPW’s Jessica Gail to discuss